“There is something horrible about a flower
This, broken in my hand, is one of those.
He threw it in just now. It will not live another hour.
There are thousands more; you do not miss a rose.”
-Charlotte Mew

"Now you're gone You left your song What can I do with this pain Don'na uta wo kuchizusamu ? I hope you're smiling down Now you're gone You're really gone Ayumubeki michi wa Mou tagaini chigaukara Face the truth I will just Sing for you"
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Thanks to chamansa I found out, apparently it’s wanoku day today! (hence the new album announcement)

Can’t miss that right? So I drew this as little celebration! xD

Please tell me, tell me how this place is supposed to work; just who lies within me? I’m broken, broken in the midst of this world, but you’re smiling, blind to it all. I’m broken anyway so I halt my breath. I can’t unravel myself, even the truth’s in a freeze. I’m breakable, unbreakable; going insane, unable to lose my mind.



They’re the eyes of a w a r r i o r



The Photos Disney Characters Would Take If They Had Instagram Accounts by Simona Bonafini.

this is the best thing ever

Tokyo Ghoul 2015 Special Illustration Calendar


By zmc


happy birthday you crazy kid



ART BY : kaman-ke-el