“There is something horrible about a flower
This, broken in my hand, is one of those.
He threw it in just now. It will not live another hour.
There are thousands more; you do not miss a rose.”
-Charlotte Mew

"Now you're gone You left your song What can I do with this pain Don'na uta wo kuchizusamu ? I hope you're smiling down Now you're gone You're really gone Ayumubeki michi wa Mou tagaini chigaukara Face the truth I will just Sing for you"
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When someone insults my favorite anime character
I start going crazy like this then this happens:


3’s a crowd
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For kuwarter.

1 gifset per Shichibukai → Trafalgar Law


One Piece 17th Anniversary » Day 1 - Laughter

#onepieceanniversary - day 5: foreshadowing


Drawing Exercise
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Get to know me:: male characters (2/5)  
 Trafalgar Law, One Piece


One Piece 17th Anniversary - 1: Laughter

I was pulled into One Piece exactly because of its comedy and that, along with many other things, kept me glued to this day. It’s because, One Piece wouldn’t be the same without its original humor that only Oda knows how to make (Thank you!). It’s always nice to see it and it’s a refreshing thing from all the action that’s going on. Especially when you know that the characters have been through so much. So it would be nice if they could hear this message: You guys struggle through many things so please never stop smiling!


i would totally let law fuck me hard because, seriously, he is the sexiest thing.”

~Confession by anon.


Here you go Mr/Mrs DrawMeLonely


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Translation: heichoulicious

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Weaving through the spaces of the hordes of buildings burning in the summer heat,
We’ll eventually descend, pulling that trigger at the very end.