“There is something horrible about a flower
This, broken in my hand, is one of those.
He threw it in just now. It will not live another hour.
There are thousands more; you do not miss a rose.”
-Charlotte Mew

"Now you're gone You left your song What can I do with this pain Don'na uta wo kuchizusamu ? I hope you're smiling down Now you're gone You're really gone Ayumubeki michi wa Mou tagaini chigaukara Face the truth I will just Sing for you"
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"I’m gonna be living in your PC, so lets try to get along!"


Had this image running round my head for a while. Good to get it on paper.

Happy Banana Day to my precious princes!! It’s just a small doodle but I hope I can draw something big for them on the weekends!! 



Cai Vail Prints on INPRNT.

The beautiful and intricate work of Cai Vail is available her INPRNT Store.  You can keep up to date with INPRNT on their Tumblr.


Don’t leave your house at night, when the jellyfishes comes out…

Done in photoshop and SAI

Wallpaper version | 


Margaret cover


Kunoichi of the Leaf.   
The Women of Naruto


I love the Order that Lenalee and everyone are in. My home. Now and forever. (D.Grayman Ch.205)

"forgive me."